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The forms for the Copper Silver Suite were cut from and inspired by the naturally patinated copper roof of the architecturally historic Unitarian Meeting House in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1993 this architectural masterpiece was being re-roofed, the copper being trucked off for scrap. I was able to purchase large quantities of this material. Since then I have used the copper to create sculptural works as well as an ever evolving earring, pendant and men’s tie clip line. In addition to recycling the natural beauty of the patinated copper, the material itself is historically and culturally significant. The copper forms are wrapped in sterling silver; most designs are adorned with pearls.

A portion of all proceeds is donated to help house the homeless and foster hope for the future.


In this act of giving we participate in a kind of social poetry whereby the removal and transformation of one roof serves to place a roof over the heads of people in need. I believe it is in this spirit of embracing both beauty and responsibility that an artist’s work has the power to not only adorn and delight, but to be a catalyst for positive change in the world. At least this is my hope.

Scott Lesh

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